Dirty 6th Gets a Little Less Dirty

So, I’m not quite sure how I became the last person on the fucking planet to hear about this, but…Austin now has a real, speakeasy-style bar. And it’s owned by Tim League (of Alamo Drafthouse fame).

Whaat?!? And that’s not all, the establishment in question is being run out of the former home of the Midnight Cowboy Modeling Agency and Oriental Massage Parlor, aka, How the Fuck Did Cops Not Bust This Place Already? The brothel-in-plain-sight was shut down in March of last year. League purchased the space and a month or so ago, opened his latest business venture, keeping the same name, but removing the signage. All that remains is a red light.

In the style of other bars like Milk & Honey in Manhattan (an amazing place that I would recommend if you’ve got cash to blow), Midnight Cowboy requires reservations in advance, and only takes parties of up to six people. Instructions for entry follow a reservation. There are house rules prohibiting cell phone use, loud conversation, and unwanted advances towards members of other parties. The bar has a max capacity of 48, and features table-side drink preparation.

Sign me up for all of that. I have a feeling that the existence of this place will do wonders for me going downtown more often, knowing that there’s a place I can actually have a place to sit and enjoy a well-made cocktail at, without having to deal with a bunch of idiots vomiting in time to LMFAO.