My name’s John Jarzemsky, and I’m a freelance writer living in Brooklyn, NY, by way of Dallas, Boston, Austin, and Los Angeles. My professional work can be seen at LitReactor, an online literary magazine and writer’s resource, and Twitch, a resource for news, reviews, and other content related to the world of film.

This is my personal blog, which I try to write in every day (emphasis on try). Sometimes there will be reviews, links to great things, commentary on what’s going on in the news, recommendations, or just plain, old-fashioned bitching. This is a content dump designed to help me exercise my craft and hopefully share something interesting/funny/insightful with whoever happens to read these pages.

For the most part, posts appear with very little editing, and are informal. However, I also use this site as a storage facility for samples of more thoroughly edited, formal writing. Anyone looking for these (potential employers, etc), should click on the “samples” category button on the right of side of the main page.

All work is my intellectual property unless otherwise noted or credited. Linking or sharing any items on this page is welcome and encouraged, provided this site and its author (that being me, John Jarzemsky) are properly credited.

Any questions, comments, compliments, or criticisms can be sent to my email address: jtjarzemsky@gmail.com


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