Why It’s OK To Punch Dicky Spencer, Neo-Nazi


Everyone seems to be clutching their pearls over whether or not it was OK that a worthless piece of shit got punched in the face. Some of the reactions extolling the violent consequences of Richard Spencer’s stomach-churning, ignorant hatred tap into the same ugly side of humanity that parasites like Spencer prosper in. At the same time, the liberal hand-wringing over whether or not that is an acceptable form of engagement with a man who openly emulates Nazis and advocates white supremacy taps into the same well of milquetoast ideology that is partially responsible for the current American hostage crisis.

Let’s agree on one thing: Richard Spencer is a white supremacist, and is therefore a person whose very existence is rooted in a philosophy of irredeemable (for now) hate, bigotry, and ignorance. Spencer and his followers believe in one thing, when you strip away all the half-baked, ersatz intellectualism: might make right. This is the basis for the whole of White Nationalism; Caucasians have, in recent history, dominated the civilized world, and therefore the world is theirs to rule by divine right. Exactly how these morons manage to reconcile this plank of their ideology with the other primary ethic–that whites are gradually losing their grip on global society–is one of many head-scratching inconsistencies, but that’s a rabbit hole we won’t go down for now.

The point is, Spencer and others like him rule their dirty little corner of society by postulating that strength the overriding moral imperative of humankind, and that anybody who suffers underneath the boot heel of Eurocentric fascism essentially deserves it. If their lives were worth anything, after all, they wouldn’t be so easily conquered.

The figureheads of fascism have always been strong-men for a reason. They appeal to the powerless and the weak, who deep down feel that every one of their problems is due to some uneven tipping of the scales. While the spoken ethos of these losers is rooted in an advocacy of unfairly maligned and persecuted white men, they really just want an authority figure to punish those who outperform them every step of the way. They want a Donald Trump or a Richard Spencer to heap scorn and ridicule on their betters so they can all have one big pity party together.

Thus, it’s not only appropriateĀ that Richard Spencer got sucker-punched while bloviating on live television about the awesome power and glory of white men, it’s the right way to deal with his ilk.

One of many problems that progressives deal with is an inability to remove themselves from the idea of a rational mindset. They think winning the argument is tantamount to success in a representative democracy, when the last few months have shown us time and again that this isn’t true. The trolls who elected Donald Trump, and more narrowly, the mouth-breathers who give even a lick of credence to anything uber-failures like Richard Spencer fart out of their wordholes, don’t care about who is right, they care about who seems strongest. Their personal ideology, inasmuch as they’re capable of forming one for themselves, is rooted in social Darwinism: anybody who needs help is weak.

Everybody braying about the cold-cocking of corporal butt-cutt, wailing that “we’re playing right into their hands!” is wrong. Sure, there will be tons of stormtroopers who take it as an opportunity to galvanize, who will rant and rave about the Jewish state refusing to punish the “thug” who clearly would have had his ass kicked if he hadn’t run away, but that’s a smokescreen. The truth is, for the great multitude of neo-nazis out there following Richard Spencer’s every move, the lip-quivering mask of cowardice the cameras caught as his people spirited him away from the scene are signs of weakness.

This is one thing we can actually agree on.



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