WEEKLY WTF: Formalwear Edition

Hey folks, sorry for the absence last week, but some ill-advised Bushwick Bar crawfish mac ‘n’ cheese had me laid up and unable to focus on much of anything besides my bowels for a number of days. That said, I am now more or less fully recovered and have plenty of questionable style choices silo-ed for just such an occasion.

Speaking of occasions, it’s almost summertime here in NYC, which means that more and more flashy and hoity-toity events are sure to be popping up soon. It also means that the city will be full of more and more moneyed Europeans desperate to prove that they belong in the subheading of “class” and willing to part with untold riches to do so. Put these two things together, and you have WEEKLY WTF: Formalwear Edition.

My selection comes from Saint Laurent, an appropriately French designer who has the perfect thing for your perfectly bourgeois night on the town. Presenting….THE LEOPARD PRINT TUXEDO:

Yes, for all of you hoping to spend nearly $2,700.00 proving to your hosts that you may be rich enough to command an invitation but not enough to command respect, Saint Laurent has the 1970s blackjack dealer jacket of your dreams! To add to your oh-so-ironic trashwear vibe, sure to irritate and ruin the evening of everybody who bothered to actually look nice and dress like an adult, you can tell every disgusted old-money fuddy duddy that the damn thing is made out of polyester. Overpriced, ugly, and guaranteed to fall apart in a matter of months? We’ve hit the WEEKLY WTF trifecta folks!

This jacket is available wherever the sartorial equivalent of pissing on a beautiful antique chair is sold.


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