Presenting, WEEKLY WTF, a New Feature for the blog

As some of you know, I really like looking at clothes, and menswear, and reading blogs and all that jazz. As more of you may know, that means spending a certain amount of time reading menswear blogs, browsing retail sites, and going in stores, which means I will encounter things that make me go “WTF, why would ANYBODY buy this?”.

The reasons may be varied. Sometimes I’ll post something that’s just plain ugly or stupid looking. Sometimes it will be something that’s insanely overpriced for no good reason. Sometimes it may be a combination or something else entirely. Without further ado, here’s the first installment of WEEKLY WTF:


From the late Alexander McQueen, not to be confused with the late Steve McQueen or the not-dead Steve McQueen, comes this monstrosity. If you ever sat around thinking “How can I spend $495.00 on a shirt that calls to mind the turbo-doucheness of Affliction  while also invoking the mind-numbing impracticality of runway fashion’s most terrible designs?” this is the shirt for you. Maybe you just said “I want to spend almost $500 bucks on something that looks like Ed Hardy fucked a potato sack.” Well, here’s your answer.


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