I didn’t think that this was how I would be

Nearing that death knell for youth


And knowing I’ve known no natural predators in this world

No opponents besides myself

I thought I wanted to speak to the beauty of the world

But I found the beauty too intoxicating

Myself too fat with comfort and birthright to achieve

I then thought I wanted to wallow in experience

But I found the more I enjoyed nothing

The more I found I hated myself

Because my experience was nothing


My uncle died last week

I had never spoken to him as a man

And now I never will

Selfishly I wish I could see him now

Speak to him as someone trying to live with my words

A man who understands when I spread my hands in supplication

And lament, for my words are all I have

All I have is what I offer the world

And words are all I have



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