Under cover of darkness

We make our entrance

Stage right to the back door, where a heroic deadbolt thwarts our schemes

Temporary, at best

The kitchen window yields with despicable ease

And just like that

It begins


Breathe out,

Breathe in,

Check your pulse

and tread lightly, gentlemen
The thrill of it all lies in the question


Will they return?

Will fear give in?

Will overturned couches and emptied drawers be our downfall?

Locked up in the pen for the sin of being a slave

A junkie to adrenaline?

Or will it all be worth it in the end?


The crunch of gravel strikes a nerve

And Eyes dart and jerk in the dark and we swerve

Through moonlit nightrooms filled only with the flick of footfalls on the floor

And the hissing whisper

“Hide! Preserve!

Keep the faith and escape will surely be our reward!”

I strangle words and slip into a darkened chamber

To wait behind the door


They are gutsy for chicks

I hear the creak of hinges as one tries the door

Left carelessly ajar (it’s happened before)

And I hear the faint tremblings of voices stained by counterfeit courage

The clatter of jewelry on shaking wrists, demands to know who’s there

I lick my lips and stare through the crack in the door, struck blind

With the rising tide of risk, hunger,

Something else I wish I could define

A scream stabs my ear, drowned in maniacal laughter

A savage, crooked din that chokes the fear

And parts my chops into a grin




I wait

Heels clatter a rhythm with no rhyme or reason

I tense

my muscles

And pounce

Squeezing you

containing your body

holding steady every ounce of energy that uncoils from you like a spring

My torso sways with each gyration

Your struggle waning with the realization

That it’s over

I breathe out

Press my face into your hair

And breathe in


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