Reddit and Assorted Tomfoolery

I’m back after a long hiatus.

I recently became an active reader/poster on Reddit. No, I won’t tell you my handle. While this may have to do with not venturing much outside of certain subreddits (malefashionadvice, sex, askreddit, gonewild, self, and IAmA, mainly), I’m constantly impressed–amazed might be an even better word–at how Reddit seems uninfected by the general mediocrity of the Internet. I mean, when I first heard that Reddit was basically a gigantic dump for content/discussion/comments, it sounded like the most horrible idea ever. Of course, the genius of the upvote/downvote system means that any comments akin to “lolz this is s00per gay Obama is ┬ániggur LOL fgt” gets hidden almost immediately.

If Reddit is the gold standard for how Internet discussion/commenting should be, then what’s the opposite? You know the answer: YouTube. While YouTube is a valuable source for just about anything you want (from audio only clips of heinous diarrhea to fairly high quality recordings of Wanna Be A Baller COMPLETE WITH LYRICS), the TimetoRacism TimetoHomophobia TimetoWeedworship threshold rests at about 3 comments. I honesty think some people do nothing but smoke weed and troll YouTube comments pages. This is what happens in Barack Obama’s America! (I kid, folks. Don’t go nuts.)

Other things…

The only time I dislike being a very large guy is when I’m shopping for clothes. I’m pretty much forced to either order things online or spend lots of money, because a lot of the cheaper brands marketed towards younger people apparently size their clothing to waifish hipsters. I went into Zara tonight and saw a nice jacket, found a 44, and managed to squeeze in and out of it before it cut off blood flow to my arms. What man with a 44 chest has arms so small, I ask you? On the other side of things, I found out (through Reddit, natch) that Redwings tend to run a full size big, which means I can JUST BARELY fit into them. Of course, now I have to find a store that actually stocks 14s…

Saw Lincoln, really enjoyed it. It made me wish that American politics still involved highly educated, literate, and incredibly witty people eviscerating each other with flowery language amidst much shouting and ballyhoo.

Trip back to Dallas was great, if not a little surreal/sad. As per her will, we divided my late grandmother’s jewelry collection amongst the daughters and granddaughters, and each grandson got to pick one piece as well, for future wives/girlfriends. As I said on twitter, I feel like I’m starting a fight with a woman I haven’t met yet. Still, I think I picked out a pretty good ring, it’s gotten pretty positive responses from the women I’ve showed it too, so there’s hope for me yet, I suppose. It was very bittersweet to go through her things…a large and lovely collection accrued over 88 years. Pretty incredible.

We also had a wedding reception to attend at the Dallas Petroleum Club, which, as my brother so succinctly put it, is “for when the Dallas Country Club is just too gauche.” Good conversation, great view, and fancy dress all around. Then my brother and I went to a house party and were “the suits”.

Also: hung out with an old friend who now lives in San Francisco, and we reminisced about our departed loved ones (his father recently passed), and also drank absinthe. First time for me. I didn’t see any green faeries.

That’s all for now, I think.