6th Street Raid Re-Cap: Shit Gets Deeper

New developments in the Yassine brothers case:

Hussein Ali, aka “Mike” Yassine has been named as a “person of interest” in a cold-case file by the APD, according to prosecutors. Details about the case were sketchy at first, but as the day progresses, it’s become clear that Yassine is being implicated in the case of Paresh Patel, a former business partner who went missing in the fall of 2000. The investigation reveals that Patel had been arguing with the Yassine’s prior to his disappearance.

Then, a new piece of information which sheds a little light as to the federal nature of the raid and ensuing investigation. Those who have been following this story might be surprised at the timeline: authorities began investigating Yassine enterprises way back in 2007. Five years seems like an awfully long time to build a drug case, even for a small city police department. Furthermore, we’ve all seen The Wire , right (if not, shame on you). Doesn’t the FBI have bigger fish to fry these days than some relatively small-time drug dealers?

Yeah, about that…turns out that the Yassines have been funneling money to a family member in Lebanon, who has ties with Hezbollah. It seems like a logical leap to think the reason for federal involvement stems from this angle. I’d bet dollars to donuts that the feds are way more interested in why the Yassines were sending cash to this guy than some distribution and weapons charges. Seems even more likely when you consider that the authorities sat on the case for five years before last week’s raids.

Curiouser and curiouser, friends. More on this case as it develops…


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