Dirty 6th Gets a Little More Dirty

So, earlier today the FBI raided Treasure Island, Kiss ‘n’ Fly, Pure, and Fuel, as part of an ongoing investigation that reportedly dates back to 2007. This resulted in the arrest of 10 people on a variety of charges, including money laundering and drug trafficking.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Treasure Island (the only of the four bars in question I’ve ever visited), but a glance at my twitter and Facebook feeds seems to indicate that this comes as a shock to just about nobody. I remember the place being pretty trashy, but hey, they call it “Dirty 6th” for a reason, right?

Hussein Ali, Mohammed Ali, and Hadi Ali Yassine were all arrested, along with their sister, Marissa Marthe Ruales, who acted as their executive assistant. Other persons involved with Yassine Enterprises (the parent company that owns several other downtown bars in addition to those raided)  were also arrested: Alejandro Melendrez, Amar Thabet Araf, Sami Derder, Karim Faiq, and Edgar Orsini were charged with distribution of cocaine, and Nizar Hakiki was charged with distribution of cocaine and transferring a firearm to be used in a drug trafficking crime.

It’s not the first time Yassine has been in hot water. Employees brought a class action lawsuit against the company in January, claiming that several bars neglected to pay the minimum wage of $2.13 tip in addition to a share of pooled tips. Additionally, a patron of the Yassine-owned Qua filed a suit in February, claiming that bouncers had carried her out the back of the club and sexually assaulted her.

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